Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can Heart Disease Be Reversed?

On occasion.

In a landmark study, researchers from the University of Southern California School of Medicine tested and monitored 162 men with heart disease who had previously had a bypass.

The investigators first took arterial x-rays of the men's diseased blood vessels to gauge the extent of damage.  Then they gave half the men a low-fat diet plus two cholesterol-lowering drugs; the other half got jut the low-fat diet.  After two years, the researchers again took x-rays and compared them with the earlier ones.

The result?  In 16 percent of the diet-plus-drugs group, the amount of heart disease was visibly less.  In 2.4 percent of the diet-without-drugs group, the amount of heart disease was also visibly less.  Clearly, in some cases heart disease can be reversed.


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