Monday, November 3, 2014

What to do about that pain in your neck - The Natural Way

It is quite common for those of us who are under pressure to have a pain in the neck.  People tend to tense up in that area, which is the worst thing to do to to yourself.  Your neck connects your brain and nervouse system to the rest of your body.  When you create tension in your neck, you impari the flow of energy throughout your system.

To prevent tension buildup, do neck rolls.  Start with your chin on your chest and slowly rotate your head so that your right ear reaches for your rith shoulder, then head back, left ear to left shoulder, and back with your chin on your chest.  Do these rolls, slowly, six times in one direction and six times in the opposite direction, morning and evening.  You may hear lots of crackling, crunching and gravelly noises coming from your neck.  As tenstion is released, the noises will quiet.

If, when you roll your neck around or just turn from side to side, you hear and feel like there's gravel in your neck, eat three or four cloves of raw garlic eery day.  You may have to work your way up to that amount.

The medicine men and healers from serveral Native American tribes prescribe daily neck rubs with fresh lemon juice, as well as drinking the juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

According to the ancient principles of reflexology, the base of the big tow affext the neck.  Rub your hands together vigorously until you feel heat.  Now you're ready to massage your big toes with circular motions.  Spend a few minutes massaging the bottom of your feet at the base of the toes and the area surrounding them.  As a change of pace, you might want to massage the base of your thumbs, also for a few minutes at a time.  Keep at it, at least two times a day, every day.

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